Friday, October 09, 2015

Madness Sweeps The World

but it doesn't rule us
The sadness of these unspeakable tragedies is not so much that they happen, but what we do not do to prevent them.
There is a path to the ending of all wars. If you say it is in our nature, I say change your natures. If you don't know how, ask.
Don't stay in the space of fear, and say "there is nothing I can do". There is.
You elect psychotic rulers who reflect your own fears and paranoia.
You profit from war.
This has nothing to do with religion. It just is your lack of spirituality.
You know nothing about spirituality, or healing, or how to create a better world for our children.
Don't say you want to learn, then, don't.
I am going to shake you out of your comfort zone.


Friday, September 25, 2015

A Vast Movement Of Peoples

Not again
From an unpublished manuscript, The Way Of Atlan, London 1976-77: "There will be a vast movement of peoples across the world".

Sometimes, seeing the future is a terrible thing. But there you go. I went through an intense period of time from 1974 - 1977, where I saw all my past lives, and, I saw the future of the world. It was a bleak vision, full of hope for possible change, but also, knowing how people resist change, and therefore, make the future fixed.

The exodus of boat people from Vietnam began the next year in 1978 and continued till the 90's. This is part of human history, the vast movement of peoples from devastated lands to newer places offering, hopefully, a better existence.

It is part of my DNA, people from the planets Aergon and Atlan fleeing destruction, the end of the Lemuria and Atlantis based empires. My father was part of the 2-3 million exodus that accompanied the separation of India and Pakistan, in which nearly a million people died of violence.

Whether they fled in spaceships, or ships, on foot or train and bus, there was an uprooting which is carried within our psyche. And now, once again, as vast numbers flee the destruction of Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Syria. These are the signs I saw, how we continue the patterns of history and our collective karma.

It will continue till we change. I hope we do. I made a commitment to try and help people, but you do not know how difficult the path ahead will be, and, you will need to ask.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Fate Of Humanity

And there before you
Is the knowledge of the world
And visions within unfold
Of past, present and future you
It's been almost 40 years since I started working on my 2nd book, The Way of Atlan, in London, England. I finished the first draft in 1977, then, life came in and told me I had to wait.

I've written millions of words since but now I want to complete and publish it. The challenge I set myself before the weekend was: say something you haven't said before.

The fate of humanity
is to take
the Way of Atlan
to the furthest stars
~Naseer Ahmad


Monday, July 20, 2015

What Next For Greece?

And what next for the world?
The turmoil I saw happening in Europe seems to be catching up to Greece. I've been writing since 2010 there’d be some sort of showdown here.
Then I wrote The Rape of Europa in 2011.
"Whither Europe? After decades of neo-liberal economic policies we are now being subjected to fears of the collapse of European economies and the Eurozone. Here's a magazine article that describes the problem very well: CounterPunch 

"The fight for Europe’s future is being waged in Athens and other Greek cities to resist financial demands that are the 21st century’s version of an outright military attack. The threat of bank overlordsh­ip is not the kind of economy-ki­lling policy that affords opportunit­ies for heroism in armed battle, to be sure. Destructive­ financial policies are more like an exercise in the banality of evil; in this case, the pro-credit­or assumption­s of the European Central Bank (ECB), EU and IMF (egged on by the U.S. Treasury)".

We are going down this road again.

Every Indo-Pakistani student of history knows the Bengal famines in which millions died were engineered by the East India Company to help benefit the 1%.

The tragedy in Greece was set up by modern banking institutions. Tsipras should have told the latter day East India Companies to take a hike. But as I wrote on my WordPress blog before the Greek Referendum, "sadly, I think he’ll back down because socialists are just as bound by economic orthodoxy as Adam Smith, Thomas Malthus and their descendants."

As Alfred Marshall argued, “man should be equally important as money, services are as important as goods, and that there must be an emphasis on human welfare, instead of just wealth”. Yet pensions are being cut now, and Greece's public assets sold very cheaply indeed, just as they were in other Eastern European nations.

Wishing the people of Greece the best, and prayers for them in the days ahead. But this is just the start of the dismantling of the European social safety system that we are seeing in the UK, Spain, and soon, all over the world. This is the plundering of the planet for a self-chosen few that has been going on for millennia.

Yet all I see around me is hopelessness and a lack of direction. Even the 'gods' of Olympus (picture above) lost direction a long time ago. I see no change, no hope for humanity until it is ready to make a collective leap of faith. And if you have questions or need help, ask.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Oh Blessed Day

Passion is peace,
and peace is passionate~
Dante Alighieri ~ Paradiso
(A delayed blog, from March, because things were happening). We had a snowfall last night, and every thing is peaceful outside. But this has been a year of upheaval too, so my message is to help bring people back to the peace of the day. Dante's Heaven was the residence of God, and perhaps we see heaven as a place of peace, that we can escape to from this post apocalyptic world. Yet, as Yeats says in his masterful poem,
The Second Coming
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity
How can we bring the true peace inside our selves? Do we engage, or disengage from the problems of others and the world around us? What does being spiritual mean, any way? 
I know I spent rather a lot of time writing about the case of the Murder of Meredith Kercher. It was important to me because it was a promise that I made to her spirit, that I would help. I ended up helping a community of like minded people. That the Italian Supreme Court ruled, in violation of its own principles and a ruling, not yet explained, is a matter for it and the Italian people to resolve.

At what point do people give up on a struggle? It was interesting I decided not to go back to Italy. It was interesting I cancelled, for the first time, my group meditation. A lot of people gave up after this court decision. I didn't, but the question what do I do next, did come up :) Note that I believe we face a crossroads and make decisions that affect future direction every day.

I have been engaging more with people of rationalistic mindset, true. But what began decades ago, has always been following a spiritual path, for reasons not always clear but I was sure about, well this was a part of it.

Sure, there are things we ask and wish for, but when they don't happen, do you just give up on it? That is your decision to make.

I know that when I started one of the first classes in meditation in Toronto in 1971 I came to the attention of ex followers of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Guru Maharaj Ji (Prem Rawat) but instead of starting another group and temple I said their temple was inside them, and they could follow their spiritual path from wherever they were. Then I left them to go to London, writing books, teaching that we had to work, not just on the spiritual plane, but also the emotional and physical.

Then the many special trips to the US, Iran, UK, and Europe, teaching many thousands. Along the way, you meet the people you must, those you will help and who will help you, and the occasion that shapes future direction. Why didn't I finish my books? Answer: I've already written more than, through the internet and affected and influenced many. Why not a spiritual healing and meditation centre? When the occasion demands it, it will happen.

The woman I found collapsed in the snow is well now. The man I knew with cancer is recovering. The man in a coma, well I hope I meet him one day. And one day, when I am able, I will write my books so others can read and be helped by them. Till then, I help through this medium.

As to the case of Meredith Kercher. I wrote this on March 27, 2015:

Those who think they 'lost', won,
Those who say the 'won', lost.
There are many struggles around the world. I was reminded today of the ongoing battle for the soul of the Jewish people. Does their never ending quest for peace end because the Palestinians are denied justice? Environmental degradation. Economic imbalance. Health. Injustice. Relationships that attract karma.
You are faced with the total collapse of humanity as radiation from Fukushima, the entering of GMO into the food chain, genetic damage from vaccines, and the poisoning of the water supply, all affect your health. Do you want to give up now? Or do you think somehow you will be OK? What world will you leave your children, or have you given up already? Will you stand around and let others carry that burden?
I have met and helped so many of you. But it is still up to you to help me change the world. And the time, finally, is now.



Saturday, January 03, 2015

Russian Revolution

Russian Spirituality

I try not to attach too much to any one country. Each country, each region, has its own karma, just as individuals and peoples do. But I was reminded to write my long delayed piece about Russia when I met a Russian December 31st who needed help. I promised her she'd be all right..

There is an undercurrent of spirituality which is part of a country's ethos. It isn't religion vs. materialism, it's the choice we all face in balancing karma vs spiritualism.

I'm going to remind people of a blog I wrote three years ago, October 02, 2011 The Rape Of Europa which is now coming to completion. There, I referred to Vladimir Putin, who said the breakup of the Soviet Union was the greatest natural disaster it had ever faced. I've been watching him for a very long time.. and compelled to write about Russia now as it faces ongoing financial warfare to try to defeat it through economic means what the West cannot do militarily. Europe is foolishly, caught in the middle.

1990 was a very significant year for me. I quit my job to start a full time practice of healing medicine. I had my reincarnation love story Man From Atlan published, and, as promised, it's available for free on my website Man From Atlan . I was offered a chance to open a breakthrough clinical center in Croatia to continue my research into the causes of autism but declined because I saw this happening:

Breakup of Yugoslavia

"During 1990, Communists lost the power to nationalist parties on first multi-party elections held across the country, except in Serbia and Montenegro, where they were won by Milošević and his allies. Nationalist rhetoric on all sides became increasingly heated. In 1991, one by one republics proclaimed independence (only Serbia and Montenegro remained federated), but the status of Serb minorities outside Serbia was left unsolved. After a string of inter-ethnic incidents, the Yugoslav Wars ensued, first in Croatia then Bosnia." (Wikipedia)

Then I went to a medical conference in Spain in early 1991 where I met: 

Eugenia Davitashvili

a Georgian healer of Assyrian descent who was the personal healer of  Russian presidents Leonid Brezhnev and Yuri Andropov. She invited me to visit her in Moscow in August 1991 which I declined as well:

Dissolution of the Soviet Union

"On 18 August 1991, a coup against Gorbachev was launched by the government members opposed to perestroika. Gorbachev was held in Crimea while BorisYeltsin raced to the White House of Russia (residence of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR) in Moscow to defy the coup, making a memorable speech from atop the turret of a tank onto which he had climbed. The White House was surrounded by the military but the troops defected in the face of mass popular demonstrations. By 21 August most of the coup leaders had fled Moscow and Gorbachev was "rescued" from Crimea and then returned to Moscow. Yeltsin was subsequently hailed by his supporters around the world for rallying mass opposition to the coup." (Wikipedia)

I went to the US instead because it was important; also knowing it would still depend on Americans to change. (Hasn't happened yet) And I kept an eye on Russia, and what it went through since then. Putin helped bring back Russian pride, in spite of all the institutional obstacles that prevent real reform. His horoscope is quite interesting.

Last year was immensely sad. the break up of Ukraine and civil war, downing of Malaysian flight MH17 (I do not believe those who blame Russia, see Malaysian Flight MH17 investigation ) and sanctions and attempts to weaken the country again. It won't work, sorry. Here's a video which explains how Russia will survive:

The interview with Deputy PM Dmitri Rogozin eased concerns about the direction Russia is taking. Resolving financing issues, becoming fully independent of Western technology, dual development of civilian and defense industry, creating a pool of young researchers and engineers to take over from the previous generation; all that was covered.

The host Vladimir Soloviev was a treat as well, asking the kind of intelligent questions we are not used to on our television networks.

Yes, the military industrial complex can be an engine for renewed economic and industrial growth for Russia, just as it and the space program was an engine for America's.

As Soloviev pointed out, even the US program was based on the accomplishments of German scientists and Russian rocket engine design. Good to see the Russian character is quite capable of coming together in defense of the homeland.

In the US, it appears the opposite. How many young people are now motivated by positive feelings for their country? Quite the opposite, it seems.

"When the most wicked member of a tribe becomes its ruler, and the most worthless member of a community becomes its leader, and a man is respected through fear of the evil he may do, and leadership is given to people who are unworthy of it, expect the Day of Judgment." Islamic Eschatology

This commentary by Russian nationalist philosopher Aleksandr Dugin is also informative:

Letter to the American People on Ukraine

by Aleksandr Dugin

"In this difficult hour of serious trouble on our Western borders, I would like to address the American people in order to help you understand better the positions of our Russian patriots which are shared by the majority of our society.

Difference Between the two Meanings of Being American (In the Russian View)

1. We distinguish between two different things: the American people and the American political elite. We sincerely love the first and we profoundly hate the second.

2. The American people has its own traditions, habits, values, ideals, options and beliefs that are their own. These grant to everybody the right to be different, to choose freely, to be what one wants to be and can be or become. It is wonderful feature. It gives strength and pride, self-esteem and assurance. We Russians admire that.

3. But the American political elite, above all on an international level, are and act quite contrary to these values. They insist on conformity and regard the American way of life as something universal and obligatory. They deny other people the right to difference, they impose on everybody the standards of so called “democracy”, “liberalism”, “human rights” and so on that have in many cases nothing to do with the set of values shared by the non-Western or simply not North-American society. It is an obvious contradiction with inner ideals and standards of America. Nationally the right to difference is assured, internationally it is denied. So we think that something is wrong with the American political elite and their double standards. Where habits became the norms and contradictions are taken for logic. We cannot understand it, nor can we accept it: it seems that the American political elite is not American at all.

4. So here is the contradiction: the American people are essentially good, but the American elite is essentially bad. What we feel regarding the American elite should not be applied to the American people and vise versa.

5. Because of this paradox it is not so easy for a Russian to express correctly his attitude towards the USA. We can say we love it, we can say we hate it – because both are true. But it is not easy to always express this distinction clearly. It creates many misunderstandings. But if you want to know what Russians really think about the USA you should always keep in mind this remark. It is easy to manipulate this semantic duality and interpret anti-Americanism of Russians in an improper sense. But with these clarifications in mind all that you hear from us will be much better understood."

I of course see all this from a different, spiritual view. Just as I appreciate many things about Americans I feel the same way about Russia, its blend of East and West.

From the poetry of Pushkin to the literature of Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Pasternak, Solzhenitsyn, the spirituality of Gurdjieff and the Russian Orthodox church, there is much that influenced and is appreciated by me. 

You have no idea how clearly I see the movement of people and trends. What happens to individuals depends on you, but as to what survives, and wins, then yes I have a keen interest in that.

The American Century is over. The Hegemon will be countered by a Russian/Chinese alliance. Asia is the economic powerhouse that will  rule the world, and Russian natural resources and developing technology will make up the balance.

Americans, already weakened in their body, always will have a choice to turn to spirituality. The Russians, with their church, their spirituality, and Chinese with Taoist/Confucian principles, are already quite ahead in that. 

There is a third power at play, that of Islam, much weakened. Sadly, I do not expect much of Sunni Islam. But Shia Iran and its allies might well make common cause with Russia and China.

Russia still has a long way to go. So does China. It will still be a Russo-Chinese century. And watch Putin very carefully. He has a great power. I hope he will use it wisely.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Life of Purpose

Chloe, Arune and Raven in the Lake District, 2007

Why are we here? Discovering our purpose requires self-examination, including, of course, the illusions we live by that hold us back. Do what we can to help others, care about the world we leave for our children. Do not fear death. Do not regret anything.

I was sad not to make it to Flight School. That led to Canada.

I spent the first half of my working life not doing what I really wanted to do in medicine, but then got the chance to practice my spirituality.

While there was struggle in some areas of my life I ended up with three great loves and five lovely children, so, I am blessed.

To have children with autism was a challenge, but what I discovered with my research was enough to help hundreds of children, so again, it was an honour to have served.

To remember past lives and the gifts that came with it, not enough unless I could share with others.

We have the ability to heal ourselves.

Knowledge should be free.

You help because it comes from your heart, not for self aggrandizement.

Speak up against injustice. Make a difference.

To find your life's purpose, then first, you must discover your self.

From "astrology for beginners" by Joann Hampar:

Sagittarius ascendant: Outgoing personality and candor that throws people off guard. Your optimism inspires others; you help those who cannot help themselves. Fair-minded, you believe in equality for all. You live life to the fullest.

Capricorn Sun: Leadership qualities, honest and dependable. Your resolve is unmatched.

Scorpio Moon: Your passion for life helps give great success. You can motivate others and effect change. At your best when you channel your strong emotions to help others.

Aquarius Mercury: Processing information at warp speed, but conveying it more difficult. (Sigh, so true) Keen intuition and assessment help avoid problems before they happen.

Aquarius Venus: Humanitarian at heart, you prefer to be part of a bigger plan, group or organization with a purpose. Stir people up in a way that can educate them.

Aquarius Jupiter: Open-minded attitude about religion and spirituality, you embrace all faiths. Talent for innovation opens doors in scientific research. Get along with every one.

Libra Mars: Fair, nothing motivates like injustice. Generally easygoing, quite the warrior once cornered. Will fight to preserve freedom of choice. Relationships require balance between self-interest and self-sacrifice.

Libra Neptune: An idealist. Believes in love and peace. Idealizes those they love, sacrifices to maintain harmony.

Virgo Saturn: Detailed research or scientific study. Work is part of your nature. You tend to worry needlessly. (Who, me? :) Hard to relax.

Leo Pluto: The generation that challenged authority, and because they wanted change, they accomplished it.

Cancer Uranus:  You may have unique insight into the subconscious mind, your instinctive ability to understand emotional complexity enables you to counsel others.

Find who YOU are, and what moulds you, then you will discover your purpose.