Sunday, January 10, 2016

What's Up With The U.K?

What next?
It's nearly nine years since I last visited the UK. You look back with sadness at the possibilities for change you saw then, and what's happened since.
We arrived during the 2007 United Kingdom Floods  and now, the region is still reeling from heavy rain fall and floods as a series of storms hit the Isles going on into 2016 2015-2016 Great Britain and Ireland floods 
Yes, there is an imbalance all over the world. It's raining today, January in Canada! I'll meditate and pray for peace, but really it's about what you will do for change.
I follow 9 and 12 year cycles. Where were you 9, 12 years ago? What have you done since? Are you repeating what you did then, or will you do something different?
I could go on about spiritual imbalance, but really, that won't work till you figure out your material and emotional foundations.
That's why I placed so much importance to the February 15, 2003 anti-war protests all around the world. A seminal event, and of course I had to be there. But people got discouraged after that, and divided as propaganda was used to convince us of the case for war. So 12 years later, we had the war in Syria causing a million people to flee into Europe.
So, almost 9 years later, floods. I warned of a cleansing of the earth then. Earthquakes, floods, disasters. Wake up calls. Personal as well as environmental pain.
But I look to the signs of hope. The good people I met then, who I still pray for. The people I continue to help. The ones who did not give up, so I didn't either. There will always be hope.
We are slowly taking back the world, one country at a time. My country, Canada, first. With leaders and parties who will be held accountable.
The UK, which I love as I love Canada, and its people. That it elected Jeremy Corbyn as Labour party leader was great news. Attacked every day by corporate media and pro-war elements in his own party. Yet it's the young people who follow him that I respect most, because it is they who will change the world.
It will be a long process, but there will be change. Be involved in politics and environmental causes. Do not be influenced by anything except your own knowledge and conscience. Be a force for healing, of your self and the planet.

Monday, January 04, 2016

What's Up With France?

It wasn't the best of times
2015 was a rough year for France. It began with the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris on January 7, and ended Friday November 13th with coordinated terror attacks that killed and injured hundreds.
I am drawn to places that need healing. I have been called to Europe since the 1990's, knowing how things would unfold there. I visited eleven European countries over a dozen times in the last 20 years; written extensively about it. I have a deep fondness for Europe for the reasons I list here The Rape Of Europa

My wife is European, but left it saying "Europe is fucked". As things stand now, she's very right, and not for reasons Europeans might think.

Europe has a dark karma that involves far too many colonial occupations and wholesale slaughter of native peoples. Yes, that karma is catching up to Europe.
Europe invaded Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, and allows the brutal Israeli occupation of the Palestinian people. If you look at many conflicts in Africa, it's European powers that are arming combatants and encouraging tribal conflicts to better divide up nations and control other people's natural resources. Europe is indeed, going through its period of chaos, and hopefully will one day build another civilization. Maybe one day. Bless Will Durant's hopeful optimism, Europe needs to embrace an idea.

But it is France in particular I wish to address now. Why France, and What's Up With France?

Yes, I was  drawn to France, for reasons outlined in Mary Magdalene and the 12 Miriams but also my own. The feeling of being there before. Someone who should have brought about change but didn't, unfinished business. Until things were resolved, there would be terrible tragedies.

I wanted to go to France after I was done with Italy. But that won't happen till certain conditions are met.

First, understand and resolve your karma. Keep in mind every thing I say is through a spiritual voice, and even though I appreciate France's role in the Enlightenment, I don't see what I say as incompatible with rational discourse.

First understand your past and the consequences thereof.

The Dreyfus Affair and ingrained anti-Semitism that now translates into Islamophobia and anti-immigrant rhetoric; they don't want to live in your country, they're fleeing your bombs and puppets misrule.

The Sykes-Picot Agreement and all subsequent plans to dismember the Middle East; other people's lands. How's that working so far?
The Franco-Algerian War and the Suez Crisis a brutal anti-colonial war, the repression that followed it, the Anglo-French attempt to seize the Suez canal. That this defeat of the French, also in Vietnam, and the loss of its influence in Lebanon and Syria, still resonates in France and French attitudes, is a fact. They of course were quite happy to help Israel produce a nuclear device to help balance the powers there.

France's role in the Rwandan Genocide with the slaughter of up to a million people, brought more karma.

The Attack on Libya which was a French not an American idea though the politicians loved it, which then led to the Syrian Civil War and calls for 'intervention' again pushed by France. This buildup of karmic debt which became insurmountable. Like the US, the UK, Israel, Saudi Arabia, you will pay and continue to pay. The enemies are not a rag tag band of mercenaries you never can defeat, not an idea that never existed except in propaganda channels, the enemies are your own leaders.

My message is very simple. It is not elegant;  it is not sophisticated perhaps. Live up to your ideals. Liberty, Equality, Fraternity. Love your neighbour.

It doesn't matter whether I go to France or not now. Changes for good or bad take place anyway when I look into a place's karma. Not because I wish it, but because I know it. But yes, I bring change that will shake you. Don't think the way of the world will go on forever. I will show you a way.
The true battle will take place inside you. You will wake up from your sleep and see what is real, or you will not. You will fight to change the world, or you will not. Your weapons will be not bombs, terror, or killing, but magic, spirit, and love. I wish that for the people of France.



Friday, December 25, 2015

The Meaning Of This Christmas

There's a story called The Legend Of The Christ Child which illustrates what I want to share with you tonight. It is a short one; family calls.

This story, translated from the German in 1891, is about a little child wandering through a cold city, looking for warmth and shelter, no where to be found. Every where, it is met with indifference, till finally in the poorest of hovels, is welcomed in.

And that kindness illuminates the whole room, so that it is more than the richest of homes.

The wars of the world created a wave of human refugees met with indifference and hostility. Just as with the Christ Child..

"One mother feared he might have some
ugly disease which her darlings would catch ; another
father said he had only enough for his own children,
and none to spare for beggar brats. Still another told
him to go home where he belonged, and not to trouble
other folks."

Maybe much of the world feels that way. But Canadians have in great measure welcomed the news we might be allowing up to 50,000 refugees by next year. They will be lifted in, at a cost borne by all us Canadians.

So there is good after all, but that isn't the point of this story.

There was a knock on my door this morning and it was the neighbourhood Adventists with their literature. So I thanked them and wished a Merry Christmas. They replied, "oh, but we don't celebrate Christmas".. Well, aren't I glad they woke me up then? :)

The meaning of this Christmas is that God doesn't care how you observe rules or what religion you belong to or whether you believe or not. God doesn't care about the colour of your skin or your gender or who you love.

Only, that you show love, and kindness. To every one.

Monday, December 21, 2015

What Is The Source Of Your Rage?

In this increasingly angry world,
I am still angry. And the question is why?

I saw a recent episode of "Super Girl" that shook me. She was asked to look at the source of her rage so I looked to the source of my rage and remembered that I wrote something in my first book, in 1974,
He had no friends and kept to himself, but there was a novice he liked. A boy of about eleven who sang in the choir, his beautiful clear voice soaring high above the others at times, then more controlled now, a crystal clear note that blended with yet stood out against the others, making the tapestry of music that much more moving. The singer's duties were light because he had to rehearse his music all day, but when he did work in the kitchen or the vegetable plots he found the novice with the Moorish face going out of his way to be kind to him, even protecting him from the bullies who were jealous of the special treatment he enjoyed. He never acknowledged the kindnesses that he received, having been spoiled by parents and priests. Nor did the giver mind the snubs that came his way. There was something so defenseless about the golden boy who sang like a bird, a dark cloud that he had seen over his head, that he could only feel sorry for him.

Then the boy who sang so beautifully was taken away, and a few days later he found out that he was sent to Rome to sing in the Papal choir after being castrated so that his lovely crystal clear voice might be preserved forever. And when he heard that, the rage came again, a rage to burn the monastery, pull down its walls, kill them all and leave nothing behind, just a clean pure space so that no more of that cruelty might live again. And because he could do nothing, it turned into a great sadness that turned into the sickness that came in to take him.

he was still bound to the flesh and had to return. And when he did, the rage came, the rage that wasn't at his fate because he had chosen his path, but at Lucien and all that would come between lovers, between husbands and wives, between man and freedom and his thoughts, between anything at all, with their intolerance, their hatred, their jealousy and greed and inhumanity.
And this:

"Looking at these words dispassionately, one can only see that you believe yourself to be a messiah who would destroy the Church and set himself up as a spiritual ruler for all of us who cannot find 'Truth'."
"There are no messiahs, Lucien. Only teachers." 
I am informed by my visions. I was angry when my brother died. I was angry when I read about Apartheid South Africa and Israel and the fanatical version of Islam taught by Saudi Arabia. (My friends were ANC members coming to Pakistan to study, Palestinians, Saudi Marxists (go figure).
I am informed by visions of past lives. I was angry to see genocides created by religion, I was angry to see evil life creating experiments by deranged 'scientists' and non-religious rational thinkers. I was angry to see the distortion of religion, I, who was there at the birth of the religions.
I am angry to see the destruction of the environment and the cruelty of war. I am angry for the powerless and the poor in the face of the powerful and the rich. I am angry for injustice.  
I could "burn the monastery, pull down its walls, kill them all and leave nothing behind, just a clean pure space".
But that is not the answer; violence only leads to more violence, and is the way we are divided against each other. And I will not make myself sick over what is the way of the world.
Remember this, though.
Lucien could not look into those eyes. He could not look away. They compelled him, made him come back to them, only to once again feel the flames that melted the flesh from him...He couldn't do anything. There was no defence against it, not even the power he had could protect him from the rage.
 So yes, I rage. But that rage is directed into a passion for helping people and teaching those who are ready. Yes, there will be many sad events in the time to come. People will die and be killed unjustly. Yesterday in China in the city of Shenzen, a huge landslide.  But when you meet me, you will see not the anger, you will feel the peace.

And instead of rage and violence met with violence, there will be flowers.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Let There Be War

Because a poem is worth a thousand words
 A poem from Novorossiya (Free Ukraine):
As long as you are not touched by the war....
by: Lyudmila Lozovaya 
As long as you are not touched by the war,
you will sit and be silent...

As if the soul of the country is not sick,
as if you don't care.
You walk out, smile to friends and to buy bread around the corner, 
while they were bombing a kindergarten and a temple,
and someone's parent's house...
As long as you are not touched by the war, do you believe blank news,
Where lies woven by innocent wine, and odes sung to the authorities...
But this is at our house not threw a projectile attack...
And the fear of a terrible serpent under the skin climbed up, hearing the baby cry.
As long as you are not touched by the war, not appreciate...
I don't know what life price,
because pulse beating at your temple. 

As long as you are not touched by the war,
tell their friends - everyone lives, not seven, and one...
not book their Places in Paradise.
Held at gunpoint soldiers countryman and fraternal lunging string...
But don't realize it,
until you've been touched by war...

Lyudmila Lozovaya
Be careful what you allow to happen in your name. And if you want war, let there be war..

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Faith in Humanity

I always have faith in humanity, but sometimes, it is good to have that faith reconfirmed: A (Syrian?) refugee in Turkey, asking for asylum of Ecuador via Twitter, gets a response from the President Raffaele Correa himself who forwards it to his chancellery. It looks hopeful, and that, sometimes, is all we need, hope.
This reminds me of the Vietnamese Boat People
Between 1975 and 1976, Canada admitted 5,608 Vietnamese immigrants. In 1979 and 1980, another 50,000 people from Vietnam, refugees who later became known as the “Boat People,” settled in Canada.”
Welcomed to Canada under the leadership of Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, they integrated into Canadian society and now are a vibrant part of our history, with nearly 200,000 people living in communities that never saw Vietnamese people before.
And now his son, Justin Trudeau, elected less than a month ago, has vowed to bring in 25,000 Syrian refugees before years end. Our private carrier Air Canada has offered to ferry ALL of them, and homes and places for them to stay have been offered all over this wonderful land of ours.
I will always have faith in the goodness of people. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Now the healing begins~Canada

I wrote an incomplete post
in 2008
It was a love letter to Canada
It ended like this:
There will come a time when the world will need it, and that is why I cherish it. Its vastness. Arrive in Northern Quebec, and you see the Aurora Borealis shimmering in magical light.
What happened since then?
It seems we lost our way
Why, then, do I love this country? Because it's a place of refuge.
Yesterday, something wonderful happened
We now have a government that better reflects the values of its people.
It promises to be inclusive, to keep us out of war, to help those that need it.
It respects our diversity.
The prime minister designate spoke to us directly
and connected in a way his late father
Pierre Elliott Trudeau did.
Every one needs a home. Canada is our home.
More so, it is one of the places that have been blessed.
Because of the fundamental decency of its people
and the vastness of its unspoiled nature.
As I said then, great things will happen here.
But, as I also said when I wrote about Justin Trudeau
last week
It isn't about government.
What I see is a great sea change in the way WE deal with life, and say "we can't continue this way", and if what comes next makes us work harder, that's what's best, for all the right reasons.
Now the healing begins
I hope to see you here one day.